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Mob Wife: discover the current aesthetic and learn how it "emerged"

Francis Ford Coppola rarely comments on TikTok trends, so it was notable when he recently addressed the aesthetic known as Mob Wife. In a recent Instagram post, the renowned director of "The Godfather" made a connection between this style and the character Connie Corleone, portrayed by his sister, Talia Shire, in the movie.

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TikTok often inspires new aesthetic trends that gain popularity at an unprecedented speed, and its impact on everyday fashion choices is remarkable. But what is driving this recent valorization of women associated with the world of crime? How can we describe the "Mob Wife aesthetic"? The simplified version involves wearing a fur coat – whether real or synthetic – over an all-black outfit.

However, its proponents argue that this aesthetic goes beyond clothes and requires a specific attitude to be genuine. Those closely analyzing the Mob Wife style incorporate red nails, bold lipstick, voluminous hairdos, and sunglasses flashy enough to rival a windshield.

But where did this trend come from? Many users of the app suspect that the influence came from HBO, especially to coincide with promotional efforts for the 25th anniversary of "The Sopranos." In a statement, Jason Mulderig, a spokesperson for HBO, praised the trend as "a testament to 'The Sopranos' and its lasting impact on culture," but did not claim that the company created it.

Wow, is this serious? I know I've talked a lot about Aesthetic here myself, especially since the emergence of cottagecore. But things have taken such a big proportion where people end up investing in pieces that make no sense with their personality, and that generates a huge problem! However, it's not the time to talk about this.

And usually, TikTok's "aesthetic trends" follow a simple formula: they take an already established style (like older wealthy women wearing cardigans) and rebrand it with a flashy new name (Coastal Grandmothers). In this case, many people already dress in the style that was portrayed. And in "The Sopranos" 25 years ago - some of them now talk about this look being repackaged as a "trend." The big question is how many people outside this demographic group will adopt this style just because they saw it on TikTok. Is there something more behind it? Like the clean girl aesthetic and stealth wealth aesthetic, the Mob Wife appearance focuses on visible symbols of wealth, but this time it's those typically associated with the newly rich.

Specifically, those whose wealth was acquired on the wrong side of the law. In the most popular portrayals, from "The Sopranos" to Lil' Kim, even when the woman is powerful in her own right, the Mob Wife is an accessory to an even more powerful man - her sexuality, beauty, and style reflect his power back to him. The mystery surrounding what she knows or doesn't know about her situation creates a dramatic aura: is she naive, unaware of her true power in her husband's criminal empire? Or is she cunning, looking the other way while enjoying his money? Still, in exchange for her discretion, she goes shopping. And for every influencer ordering a fur coat, there are other TikTok users who find these trends increasingly artificial and meaningless. "There's a certain aesthetic fatigue on social media."

"Every little micro-trend is labeled. Each of these labels serves as an opportunity for influencers, brands, and even the media to capitalize on a trend and steer it toward their own interests."

But what about you, is it your time to shine? Will you join in?

Or is this already your style? Comment below!!!




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