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Pietra Radi - Fashion Girl Around the World


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In the world of fashion, few personalities can capture the imagination and inspire like Pietra Radi. With her authentic style and keen eye for trends, she has garnered a legion of passionate followers. Pietra not only shares her love for fashion but also her passion for travel, exploring different cultures and bringing those influences into her personal style.

Pietra Radi has the gift of turning any outfit into a true work of art, combining clothing pieces in innovative ways and adding a unique personal touch. Her keen eye for fashion and talent for creating versatile and elegant looks have made her a prominent fashion influencer.

We interviewed Pietra to learn more about her journey in fashion and her invaluable tips for creating stunning looks while traveling. Check out the full interview below:

1. What was the most inspiring trip you recently took, and how did it influence your style?

Visiting Mexico definitely brought me several new perspectives on fashion and how I dress. Although it wasn't the most recent trip, it's the one that marked me the most because it was my first international travel. The contact with the culture as a whole, the gastronomic experiences, the environments, the language, and especially the colors, patterns, and different types of fabric made me look at loose and patterned clothing with different eyes!

2. How do you balance comfort and style when choosing looks for long trips?

I don't believe in the concept of comfort automatically associated with loose clothes, hoodies, etc. In fact, my motto is: I need to feel comfortable to feel confident and stylish. And that comfort can come in the form of pieces with chains, embellishments, or even with exposed skin, for example! But I balance it by choosing versatile pieces. It may seem cliché, but planning in advance with pieces that can be mixed and matched for multiple looks works wonders! Additionally, of course, I have my favorites that reflect my personal style.

3. What are your tips for creating versatile looks that can be easily adapted during a trip?

First of all, know yourself! When traveling, we can't take everything we want, so I always think about pieces that I know make me feel good and won't just take up space in my suitcase! Second, familiarize yourself with the destination to some extent. Of course, spontaneous plans always come up, but having some knowledge about the schedule and available sightseeing options reduces the chances of making fashion mistakes. Lastly, I would say that a good pair of sneakers and a third piece can transform any outfit. For example, you can take a glamorous and sensual dress and give it an urban twist with a jacket and chunky sneakers!

4. What are your favorite clothing brands for putting together an elegant and functional travel wardrobe?

I don't hide the fact that I come from humble origins, but I believe that some people are born with certain things already in them. Looking back, I realize that I always had a certain sense of taste and fashion, within my means! And I have a strong opinion on this: someone who knows how to dress can walk out of a thrift store looking like they're in a fashion editorial! Now, with these international trips, I've had more exposure to other brands, and if I could pick a top 3, in addition to Zara, which I already knew and serves me well, I would include Yves Saint Laurent and Fashion Nova...

5. What are your must-have clothing items for a perfect beach look?

The obvious answer would be some amazing bikinis, right? But I never go without long skirts and dresses, and especially wide-leg pants. I think they give a totally different image than the usual beachwear because of the flowy fabrics that create beautiful movements in the beach breeze!

6. How do you make the most of your fashion purchases during trips, ensuring they can be worn again for different occasions?

I ask myself, "Where else could I wear this piece?" To be honest, my wardrobe isn't filled with clothes. I like to make intentional purchases! But I won't deny that every now and then, I buy pieces for specific occasions—who hasn't done that, right? My iconic fringe pants are an example. What I do afterward is evaluate if the piece aligns with my personality for other occasions and how much use I can get out of it.


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