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Saint Laurent Summer 2024: A Celebration of Simplicity and Assertive Femininity


Saint Laurent's latest women's fashion collection for the summer of 2024, designed by Anthony Vaccarello, brings a unique and captivating approach that embraces simplicity and recalls the roots of fashion. This season, the brand presents us with a pragmatic aesthetic, standing out with high-fashion-inspired everyday looks and a broader silhouette compared to previous seasons.

Anthony Vaccarello drew inspiration from iconic figures such as Amelia Earhart and Adrienne Bolland, pioneering women who broke barriers in domains once considered exclusively masculine, such as aviation and car racing. The result is a collection that exudes the quintessential essence of Saint Laurent: assertive sophistication, blending elements of the male wardrobe in a enduringly feminine manner.

Key Pieces from the Collection

The collection features variations of the safari jacket and jumpsuits as key pieces, standing out for their utilitarian ease contrasted with careful details, such as waist belts. A prevalence of cotton and linen in earthy tones, ranging from olive green and burgundy to sand and chalk, demonstrates a natural inclination. Sophistication is accentuated by sharp accessories, including leather gloves and high heels, features for which the house is renowned.

The Modernist Setting

The collection was presented in a modernist setting composed of kaleidoscopic mineral surfaces, providing views of the Eiffel Tower while enhancing its subtle elegance. This backdrop chosen by Saint Laurent highlights the harmony between the brand's iconic legacy and its contemporary vision, masterfully uniting the past and present.

Matheus Hooks' Opinion (Fashion Director):

Saint Laurent's Summer 2024 collection is an ode to simplicity and feminine confidence, reaffirming fashion's ability to be bold and timeless simultaneously. With inspiration from fearless women and a pragmatic view of fashion, Saint Laurent continues to be a dominant force in the industry, always surprising and inspiring.


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