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Yost: meet the independent artist who has been standing out with his unique exhibitions!


Photo: @its_holes

Cover designer: @mathlopes

General direction: @directorhooks

Yost is a self-taught artist who has been working full-time for the past 10 years and resides in the United States. He creates vibrant works of art inspired by culture, nostalgic icons, athletes, and public figures. Yost has created artwork for many celebrities and athletes, and every year he continues to improve and emerge as an established artist in the inspiring world of art and music. In addition to exhibiting his works in museums, Yost strives to have a positive impact on those around him.

He also donates a percentage of sales to charities that help people affected by emergencies and poverty. Yost has received praise in exhibitions throughout the United States and in 17 different countries. Some of his inspirations come from his travels to notable places such as Thailand, China, Sweden, and Germany. A unique experience was being tattooed by a monk in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and he lives by a motto that encourages following any passion and never feeling insecure about creativity.

1-What are the main influences and inspirations you have for creating your iconic portraits?

My influences and inspirations thrive from our ever changing culture and what’s trending, music, icons, athletes, and everyday life experiences. I believe a blank canvas is the beginning of anything we want as artists which is a powerful tool. Most people don’t even know what they like until we show them. I think that artists often lead the trends into what is ‘deemed’ cool in our society.

2- How do you develop your layering painting techniques to create vibrant and complex backgrounds for your artworks?

After 10 years painting, I still feel like I have so much to learn. My techniques when creating my works have come from years of trial and error. I use everything from spray paint, to acrylics, oils, ink, and more sometimes in a single piece.

3-Have you tried themes and art styles other than portraits with multi-layered backgrounds? If so, what were your experiences with these trials?

I am always trying to push the boundaries and try new styles and add new aspects to my works to look for the next ‘wave’ to catch a buzz in this industry, sometimes you spend countless hours on a series you think will be a hit and it isn’t. Just like music not every song is a hit single.

4-How do you keep up to date with the ever-evolving artistic and technological trends throughout your ten-year self-taught career?

I believe that’s our job as artists to change the narrative. For me this is the fun part. You see another artist creating something crazy and that sparks an idea for you to go down the rabbit hole with. Especially with all the different social media platforms we have at our dispense these days we can get millions of eyes on our work with a single post online.

5- How do you deal with the pressure of creating original and unique works of art that stand out in today's competitive art market?

I truly think that being original today is one of the hardest things to do, just like music over the course of history most things have been done before. I read a book called ‘steal like an artist’ that changed my vision on being original. It’s about taking bits and pieces of what you like from other things you see and making it your own. Then you will find your ‘original’ lane.

6- Have you ever thought about teaching your painting and art creation techniques to other aspiring artists? If yes, what do you think this experience would be like for you? What are your future plans as a self-taught artist? Do you intend to expand your artistic theme or experiment with new painting techniques in the coming years?

I have never thought about teaching to date, I am just focused on myself at the moment. I plan to finally release a collectible sculpture I have been developing over the last two years by the end of 2023 so that is very exciting for me. Beyond that I want to keep growing my brand by doing more art shows coast to coast as well as internationally. 7-And last but not least: what is your voice? What would you like to shout out to the world if you had the opportunity?

Lastly if I had one thing to say it would be to follow any passion you ever have and never be insecure of your creativity.



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