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Ana Lefroy: The Inspiring Journey of a Global Model


Ana Lefroy

Photo and Make: @rabyfotografia

Production: @encantare_cerimonial

Design Director Hooks: @mathlopes

Ana Clara, better known as Ana Lefroy, graces the cover of the special "MODEL" edition of Hooks Magazine. At just 20 years old, she has already achieved a prominent position in the fashion world, not only because of her striking beauty but also due to her resilience and determination. In our exclusive interview, Ana shared fascinating details about her journey from the early steps of her career to her future ambitions.

Ana Lefroy's path in the international fashion world began at 17 when she embarked on her first work trip to India. Without knowing how to speak English, Ana faced an intense culture shock as she encountered a country with customs, language, and cuisine completely different from those in Brazil. Initially, the adaptation was challenging, but the experience turned into a true life lesson. During almost a year in India, Ana not only learned English but also developed a resilience and independence that continue to shape her career. The experience in the Asian country taught her to be more receptive to cultural differences, a lesson she proudly carries with her to this day.

Ana Lefroy

Among the numerous destinations Ana has visited throughout her career, Thailand stands out as the most memorable. Fascinated by the lush nature and paradisiacal beaches, Ana found a perfect blend of work and pleasure in the country. The warm hospitality of the Thai people, the delicious cuisine, and the stunning landscapes created an unforgettable experience. Each day in Thailand was a new adventure, whether exploring islands or participating in cultural festivals, and the country secured a special place in her heart.

Ana left her hometown in the interior of Minas Gerais, Brazil, at the age of 14 to pursue her dream in São Paulo. The transition to metropolitan life was marked by homesickness, which she combated by keeping herself busy with work and studying new languages. Learning Spanish and French not only helped her cope with loneliness but also enriched her career, allowing her to communicate better during her international travels. The intense routine of work and study was crucial for her adaptation and growth, preparing her for future challenges.

Ana Lefroy

Now read the interview with the model:

1: Ana, how was your first work trip as a commercial model at 17? What were your first impressions and challenges?

It was very challenging. I didn’t know English, so it was completely different from anything I had ever experienced. I went to India, where the culture is entirely different from what I was used to. It felt like another world [laughs], everything was very different from Brazil. At first, I felt a huge culture shock, from the customs to the language and food. However, over time, I managed to adapt well. I stayed there for almost a year, and this experience was like a school for me. I learned English, got to know new cultures, and developed resilience and independence that I carry with me to this day. Additionally, the experience taught me to be more open and receptive to cultural differences, which I consider a great life lesson.

Ana Lefroy

2: You have been traveling for work since you were 17. What has been the most memorable destination you have visited and why?

The most memorable destination so far has been Thailand, a true paradise! I love nature and beaches, and everything there is so much fun. The people are welcoming, always smiling and willing to help. The food, though different, is delicious and very fresh, with unique flavors I had never experienced before. The landscapes are stunning, with crystal-clear waters and majestic temples. Each day in Thailand was a new adventure, from exploring islands to participating in cultural festivals. I loved every moment and have a strong desire to return and relive this incredible experience. Thailand truly holds a special place in my heart.

Ana Lefroy

3: When leaving home at 14 to go to São Paulo, how did you deal with homesickness and adapt to a new city and countries?

To deal with homesickness, I kept my mind occupied by working every day, even on Sundays. The constant work helped me focus on something different and keep my mind active. Additionally, I used my free time to study other languages, such as Spanish and French. This not only helped me distract myself but also added value to my career as a model, allowing me to communicate better in different countries. Studying foreign languages became a hobby that brought me many benefits, both personally and professionally. This intense routine of work and study was essential for my adaptation and growth during my travels.

Ana Lefroy

4: What is the biggest difference between working in São Paulo and in the interior of Minas Gerais (BR)? How have these experiences shaped your career?

The appreciation for the modeling profession varies greatly depending on the location. Coming from a rural area where a makeup job would typically pay only 50 reais, to a city that truly sees modeling as a profession that needs to be valued, the difference is enormous. In São Paulo, for instance, the modeling profession is much more recognized and respected. There's a professional structure in place that includes agencies, events, and a support network that facilitates career growth. This appreciation made me realize the importance of my work and motivated me to dedicate myself even more. Additionally, working in an environment where the profession is taken seriously provided me with learning opportunities and growth that I wouldn't have found elsewhere.

Ana Lefroy

5: Traveling frequently can be exhausting. What are your strategies for maintaining a balance between work and personal well-being during Brazilian and international trips?

Traveling frequently can be very draining, both physically and emotionally, but the fact that I'm exploring a new place always brings that exciting feeling. The idea of "I'm going to work, but I'm also going to discover a new place and new cultures" motivates me a lot. I'm fascinated by traveling, meeting people, and learning about each country. Every new destination is an opportunity for personal and professional growth. I try to maintain balance by reminding myself that, despite the fatigue, it will be worth it because I'll be enjoying my passion: my work combined with the pleasure of exploring different countries. This positive mindset and passion for discovering the new are what help me overcome fatigue and continue traveling with enthusiasm.

Ana Lefroy

6: Among so many trips, is there a place you still dream of visiting or working as a model? What attracts you to this specific destination?

I have a big dream of visiting Tokyo! For me, after Dubai, Tokyo is like the second "center" of the world. It's a city full of people, with a culture very different from ours, and I want to learn all about it. I love Japanese food, which is my favorite! I want to visit the beautiful landscapes, the temples, learn more about the cuisine, and obviously, learn the language, even though I know it's difficult. Tokyo fascinates me with its blend of tradition and modernity, with futuristic skyscrapers alongside historic temples. Additionally, Japanese pop culture, with its anime and unique fashion, also attracts me a lot. I want to experience the vibrant energy of the city, explore its iconic neighborhoods, and immerse myself in the rich Japanese culture. This trip would be the fulfillment of a dream and an invaluable opportunity for personal and professional growth.


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