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Stéfani Bays: Owner of a unique personality, showcasing talent on the cover of the USA edition

Photo: Glauber Bassi
Assistant: Milena Vitória
Design: Matheus Ganchu

Stéfani Bays hails from São Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul, and gained nationwide recognition after her participation in two prominent reality shows here in Brazil: "De Férias com Ex" and "A Fazenda."

The beauty is a makeup artist, digital influencer, and the owner of a powerful Instagram account with over 6.2 million followers, where she captivates with her personality, looks, and makeup skills.

Currently, her biggest plan is to focus on her artistic career and become an actress. Since childhood, she has always dreamed of being in front of the screens, and she has even been auditioning for streaming platforms.

She also takes a stand on topics related to the importance of women's mental health, a crucial subject where she promises to bring some new developments soon.

We had the opportunity to learn a little more about this powerful woman. Come along with us!

1- Makeup artist, successful digital influencer, and owner of stunning beauty! Did you ever dream of becoming a celebrity?

Although I don't consider myself a celebrity, I've always wanted to work in front of the cameras since I was a child. However, I haven't actually achieved that dream yet, but I'm studying to make it happen.

2- How do you deal with societal pressure and the expectations that come with being on the internet?

I don't really pay attention to it; I just avoid getting involved in gossip. What truly matters to me are the people who have been there from the beginning and have supported me throughout, my audience!

3- You participated in significant reality shows like "A Fazenda" and "De Férias Com o Ex". What did these experiences truly mean to you, and is there any other reality show you would like to be on?

I won't lie, I do imagine myself in another coexistence reality show... Outside of Brazil!

4- How was life after the reality shows? How do you perceive things now from the perspective of someone who was in confinement?

My life after the reality shows was quite a whirlwind. I don't like to dwell too much on the sensations I had, but I'd say I still carry some traumas from it to this day. Only those who were truly aware of my life at that moment would understand the craziness it was.

5- What are the secret projects you are keeping under wraps for this year of 2022? Would you like to give any spoilers?

No spoilers! What's being kept under wraps is not meant for negative energy.

6- In interviews, you often emphasize your desire to pursue acting. Can we expect any developments in this area as well?

I'm still studying. The opportunity will come at the right time. I've already auditioned for some character roles for streaming platforms.

7- Last but not least: what is your voice? What would you like to shout out to the world if given the chance?

There are so many things I would love to shout out to the world. Those who have been with me since the beginning know how much I fight for women's voices to be heard! This year, you will see me talking a lot about mental health! And that is incredibly important and needs to be SHOUTED, spoken about, and discussed!


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