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Thaiz Schmitt: The DJ Who Charms Dubai and the Music World


Thaiz Schmitt for Hooks Magazine

Photos: @drakee

Make/Hair: @kerolyncarrascomua

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In this special edition of Hooks Magazine, we dive into the world of music with Thaiz Schmitt, the DJ White Coff, who is captivating hearts in Dubai and beyond. From her journey of refinement in Los Angeles to her current reign on the decks of the most exclusive parties, Thaiz embodies style and sophistication in every aspect of her life.

Since 2019, Thaiz Schmitt has made her mark on the international scene, honing her English skills and studying performing arts in Los Angeles. Now established in Dubai, she combines her love for music with her unique charm, enchanting audiences at gyms, restaurants, and private events.

Style and Versatility: The Music of White Coff

With a passion for music that transcends borders, Thaiz has found her artistic voice in the genres of Afro house, house, and deep house. Her eclectic style is reflected not only in her musical choices but also in her elegant presence and keen eye for fashion. Her DJ name was meticulously chosen to embody her essence. White Coff is the brand that Thaiz has chosen to create for her DJ work and has been highly recognized in the scene, a success that is growing.

Behind the scenes, Thaiz reveals her unique approach to preparing her sets, combining musical intuition with a touch of glamour. Her talent for identifying potential hits makes her an irresistible presence on the dance floors, while her artistic vision creates memorable experiences for her audience.

In addition to her passion for music and fashion, Thaiz is also an advocate for physical and mental well-being. Her commitment to a healthy and balanced lifestyle is reflected in her natural beauty and her holistic approach to life, where mind, body, and soul are in perfect harmony.

Thaiz Schmitt for Hooks Magazine

Check out the exclusive interview with the DJ below:

1: Could you tell us more about your experience as a DJ in Dubai and how the music scene there influences your style?

I love music and working out. In Dubai, I've managed to combine both passions. I'm playing at the biggest gyms here, at restaurants, on boats, birthdays. And as soon as Ramadan is over, I'll be playing at beach clubs and bigger parties.

2: What inspired you to choose Afro house, house, and deep house as your preferred genres to play?

Because they are styles that I never tire of listening to, the beats and various elements enchant me. I'm eclectic and a fan of various music styles and DJs.

Thaiz Schmitt for Hooks Magazine

3: How do you balance your passion for music with your other interests and activities?

Right now, I'm more focused on music, and I have a family business where we customize uniforms for companies. My sister and I created a collection of T-shirts with phrases and for DJs. We'll be launching it soon.

4: Can you share insights into your creative process when preparing and performing a DJ set?

I have a feeling for good music, regardless of the style. When I hear a song for the first time, I think, "This track will be a hit," and I never miss. Soon, I'll be releasing my first music track.

Thaiz Schmitt for Hooks Magazine

5: What are your goals and aspirations as a DJ, both in Dubai and globally?

I want to play in Ibiza, where the biggest DJs perform.

6: How has your international experience, from Los Angeles to Dubai, shaped your perspective on music and performance?

Each country has its peculiarities, but I've realized that both places are eclectic, just like me. What sets a DJ apart is their perception of the audience, adjusting the BPM and songs as needed.

Thaiz Schmitt for Hooks Magazine

Thaiz Schmitt for Hooks Magazine


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